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Where to go in Koh Chang

The best beaches are on the west coast of the island. It is where you'll find the best accommodation and nightlife, the most popular being White Sands Beach.

White Sands Beach (Had Sai Khao)

White Sands Beach is the longest and busiest on Ko Chang, and has the best nightlife on the island, including beach bars, jazz clubs and nightclubs. For accommodation, the beach is full of thatched huts and wooden bungalows. If you're looking for a place to stay with a bathroom, air-conditioning, television, swimming pool and sauna, there are many luxury suites and duplex rooms available. The shops, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs are situated along the main road.

Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao has long, white sandy beach. It is steeper than White Sands but safe for swimming. The northernmost part of the beach has beautiful rocky landscape.

Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae beach, like that of Klong Phrao, is steep but swimming is safe. You can hire canoes and kayaks and there are plenty of dive shops.

Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao is a fishing village on stilts, is rich with coral and is a good place to fish, snorkel or swim. It also has boats for hire.


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