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Diving in Koh Chang

Koh Chang and the surrounding islands provide some excellent opportunities for both novice and experienced divers. Visibility can reach up to 30 metres during the best months for diving of October to the end of May.

The reef at Hin Luk Bat in particular has a lot of good coral. However, even if you are snorkeling, you still won't miss out. Around "Bird Island" there are some stunning soft corals with vivid colours and so many small fish that it is like swimming in an aquarium.

Koh Chang Dive Sites

Koh Lao Ya Nai
About 200 m from the mouth of a river on the south eastern headland of Koh Chang, the wreck of the "Thonburi" which was sunk in 1921, now acts as an artificial reef.

Hin Luk Bat
Just over an hour from Khlong Prao beach by boat, Hin Luk Bat has a good diversity of marine life. Divers can see numerous barrel sponges, shelves of soft corals, barracuda and crown of thorns starfish.

Hin Rap
5 kilometres (1 hours) south of Koh Chang, this site has several outcrops and is about 30m from end to end. During the dive you can expect to see many staghorns, barrel sponges, soft corals and lots of small reef fish.

Koh Wai
Immediately east of Koh Klum, this site takes about 1 hours to reach. The reef consists of mainly hard corals with some soft corals along the deeper part. If you are lucky, you may get to see a leopard shark or ray on the sandy bottom.

Koh Gra
About 1 and a half hours by boat, this site is for more experienced divers. The gently sloping hard coral reef has gardens of staghorns from 3 to 5 metres. The are scores of colourful reef fish and often sandy bottom rays

Koh Rang Pinnacles
This multi level site, about 2 hours away from Koh Chang, is a highlight for divers as the pinnacles create a healthy environment where sharks and rays are more common and small fish abundant. There is a good shelf of coral on the deeper pinnacle at about 15 metres.

Koh Lao Ya Nok
The shallow waters here are an excellent place for snorkeling, with beautiful coloured corals to see and many different types of tropical fish.

Part of the charm of Koh Chang is the relaxed atmosphere and traditional lifestyle which still carries on. Guests can enjoy a feeling of how the local people live and the area's scenic natural beauty. The following excursions can be arranged:

Full Day Tours - A Drive Around the Island
All island tours, stop at a Chinese style temple, Chao Po Koh Chang or the Godfather of Koh Chang in the north of the island which has particular significance for the inhabitants of the island.

The east of the island should also be visited, it has dramatic rocky beaches rather than the white sands of its western counterparts. Here, there is little development and life continues on the island much as it has for decades, with people living from fishing and small scale farming. Fruit bushes laiden with rambattans, for which the province is famous, bloom at the roadside in season. In the far south, a fishing village, Salak Phet, is nestled in the mangrove with boats lined up waiting to go out to sea and others awaiting repair. Everywhere there is the rhythmic sound of hammering, as essential work is carried out on the boats. Aboard small crafts, women deftly repair the nets, whilst the men store the fish traps on the jettys for use the next day.

A short distance away as the crow flies is Bang Bao, a photogenic fishing village built on stilts and extending out over the water. However, since the roads on the east and west coasts don't yet join, it is not possible to drive completely round the island and you have to reach the village from the western road enjoying the roller coaster of a drive with dramatic views down the shear drop at the side of the road to the beach below.

An island tour could also include a stop at one of the island's waterfalls, with a chance to have a swim and cool down.

Half Day Tours
Lunch or Dinner at A Fisherman's Village Bang Bao is the best place on the island to enjoy seafood, with a great selection in the restaurants, which has been freshly caught that day. The restaurants also have large tanks as you walk in, filled with different types of live crab, king prawns and other crustacians for you to select. It's a relaxed place to enjoy simple but delicious cuisine and watch the breeze gently blow through the homemade shell mobiles, which are hung from the wooden beams of the restaurants.

Trekking on Foot
Treks of varying lengths and difficulty and be arranged into the rain forest in the island's tropical interior with a local guide

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