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Beaches of Koh Chang

Koh Chang has several stunning white sand beaches for visitors to enjoy. Largely deserted, particulary in the south, guests can choose to either relax and soak up the sun or take long strolls along the powdery sand.

Hat Sai Khao (White Sand Beach)

This is the longest and most popular beach in Koh Chang and very wide during low tide. It has long been a place for travellers to hang out so it is a good place to meet other people in the many small bars and restaurants. In the evening the local restaurants place tables at the water's edge, so you can enjoy the local cuisine by candle light with the feel of the sand between your toes.

Klong Prao Beach

This white sand beach, where the Amari Emerald Cove Resort is located, is much quieter and offers peace and solitude. The area is also more natural, covered in coconut groves and wild vegetation. A small lagoon dissects the beach, but you can walk across at low tide or at high tide, be paddled from one side to the other in a small rowing boat for a few Baht. In the evening, the local villagers can be seen collecting the tiny shrimps called "Khei" to make the shrimp paste, for which Koh Chang is famous.

Kai  Bae Beach

This beach is a great viewing point for sunsets and there are also some small islands, so close that you can get there by kayak. At low tide, you can walk out to Koh Man Nai with the water at chest level. A little further out, Koh Yuak has a small beachfront and clear shallow waters which are a good snorkeling point. 

Hat Ta Nam (Lonely Beach)

This is the last beach on the west coast.


Koh Klum
This island has historical significance as it was the battleground for the Thai and French during the French colonization of Indochina. This island is a good dive site and there are corals 10 to 20 meters deep. It is also an excellent fishing spot with larger fish in abundance

Koh Wai
This island with its crescent shape has two small but pleasant beaches and is a quiet place for a day trip

Koh Phrao Nai and Nok
These islands were originally named because of the long lines of coconut trees on the island. Both islands have beautiful white sand.

Koh Lao Ya
This is a group of 3 small islands which are well known for their long white beaches, turquoise waters, green forests in the interior and lovely coral at shallow depths. A wooden bridge links two of the islands and the water beneath this is incredibly crystal clear.

Koh Ngam
This enchanting island is only a few hundred metres of the southern most coast of Koh Chang. The island comprises of two kidney shaped sections held together by a narrow sand dune and with two lagoons which are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. There is also good fishing and dolphins are occasionally seen in the area.

Koh Kood
This is the eastern most island of Thailand, 80 kilometers south east of Trat town close to the border with Cambodia. It is the second largest island in the Koh Chang national park and the fourth largest island in Thailand. About 70% of the island is covered in tropical forest and there is a breathtaking waterfall in the interior. The island has little development and stunningly beautiful beaches.

Koh Maak
Between Koh Chang and Koh Kood, about 40 kilometres from the main land is Koh Maak. This is a largely flat island covered in both rubber and coconut plantations with lovely long beaches.


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